Did You Know…?

Beans are an excellent source of vegetable protein and minerals such as iron, magnesium, and zinc.

They are rich in folic acid, an element associated with the reduction of such birth defects as Spina Bifida, and they also protect against heart disease. Beans are also a good source of non-lactic calcium.

COWACDI Nutrition Team carrying out their monthly cooking demonstration of (Bean Porridge) for the Pregnant and Breastfeeding Women (PBW) of Malakyariri Ward of Mafa LGA, Maiduguri, Borno State, Nigeria.


Our Team carrying out #Profiling in Kusheri Camp of Jere L.G.A Borno State, Nigeria. For our #NFI self-funding project. With high priority to #PLWD’s and the Most #Vulnerable Persons.

In as much as there are high numbers of vulnerable persons in Kusheri camp, we try as much as possible to reach out to a considerable number of the vulnerables in Kusheri camp.

We call on each and everyone to support in any way possible in other to reach out to more “If not All” the vulnerable people of Kusheri camp, and contribute to their social Wellbeing.

NFI Distributions

At COWACDI, our approach to NFI distributions funded by NHF emphasizes the need for involving affected populations before, during and after distributions. The objective of the distributions is to ensure that the immediate personal needs of affected populations are covered and that a minimum level of dignity is ensured. We also ensure that these kits are culturally appropriate, and cater for the needs of all segments of the affected population in a non-discriminatory manner. 


Over the passed few months, COWACDI and partners; International Organization for Migration(IOM) with funding from the European Union (EU) was able to touch lives and change stories in Yusufari LGA, Yobe State, Nigeria through a livelihood intervention program. Sixty (60) beneficiaries from all round the LGA were given setup items after undergoing training to improve the standard of living of the people in Yusufari LGA. Our mandate is service to humanity!