NFI Distributions

At COWACDI, our approach to NFI distributions funded by NHF emphasizes the need for involving affected populations before, during and after distributions. The objective of the distributions is to ensure that the immediate personal needs of affected populations are covered and that a minimum level of dignity is ensured. We also ensure that these kits are culturally appropriate, and cater for the needs of all segments of the affected population in a non-discriminatory manner. 


Displaced persons have often been compelled to leave their places of habitant in a hurry and had to leave essential, personal and household items behind. The distribution of Non-Food Items (NFIs) is therefore an essential activity in the emergency phase. As part of our mission is to mitigate the impact of suffering of vulnerable and marginalized persons, COWACDI with funding by the NHF are on mission to distribute NFI relief items to the affected population. We believe that provision of these NFIs will support the dignity, health and privacy of affected populations, while simultaneously limiting exposure to further protection risks.