Our Team carrying out #Profiling in Kusheri Camp of Jere L.G.A Borno State, Nigeria. For our #NFI self-funding project. With high priority to #PLWD’s and the Most #Vulnerable Persons.

In as much as there are high numbers of vulnerable persons in Kusheri camp, we try as much as possible to reach out to a considerable number of the vulnerables in Kusheri camp.

We call on each and everyone to support in any way possible in other to reach out to more “If not All” the vulnerable people of Kusheri camp, and contribute to their social Wellbeing.


Investing in Young women’s economic empowerment is essential to achieving gender equality. Enabling young women to learn throughout their lives and develop key skills can transform lives, communities, and entire countries. Meet Hafsa Hassan, she is a beneficiary of our skill acquisition program and is now a professional phone repair agent in her local community. Changing narratives!!!